Vick: No contract negotiations

Michael Vick said that he and the Eagles have not had negotiations about a new contract.

"Nothing has happened as of this point," the Eagles quarterback said after an appearance on 97.5-FM at the Aloft Hotel near the Philadelphia Airport.

Vick's contract expires on March 4.

During the radio interview he reiterated that he did not care if the Eagles planned to place a franchise tag on him for next season. There is still some debate as to whether there will be a franchise tag in the new collective bargaining agreement.


What should the Eagles do with Michael Vick?

"Just with my train of thought and my way of thinking as a player, if I want to be here, I'm going to do whatever it takes to be here," Vick said during the radio interview. "I can say it over and over again, but then when I say it to my agent it's a totally different story. It's a totally different story when I speak to him about it and his opinion about it. So who knows what's going to happen. I have to follow his lead in that regard and he's the expert in that field."

Vick was then asked if his agent, Joel Segal, would want a long-term deal.

"We don't even talk about it," Vick said. "I'll mention it, he'll say something about it. "But I think till the time comes we're really buckle down."

Vick said that he "absolutely" wants to return to the Eagles. As for whether the Eagles want him back, Vick said, "You never know." It is expected that the Eagles would bring the 30-year-old back after his Pro Bowl season.

The Eagles have to also make a decision as it pertains to Kevin Kolb. The backup quarterback, who has one year left on his contract, wants to start next season and told coach Andy Reid that he would rather be traded than be Vick's backup for another season.

"It's understandable coming from Kev," Vick said. "We haven't spoke. He's enjoying his free time."

The labor discord will play a major role in how the Eagles approach their quarterback situation next season. Both sides appear to be preparing for a work stoppage. One of the issues is a proposed 18-game season that the owner's want. Vick said he had no opinion on the extra two games.

"Eighteen-game season, 16 games -- whatever it is that's what it's going to be," Vick said.