Vick: Did not know shooter

BETHLEHEM -- Michael Vick said that he did not know who shot Quanis Phillips outside the Virginia Beach nightclub that was hosting the Eagles quarterback's 30th birthday party.

Vick said that he found out 15-20 minutes after the shooting occurred in the early morning of June 25. Phillips was one of Vick's codefendants in his dogfighting case.

"I was devastated because I knew the events that were happening that surrounded that," Vick said today after reporting to trainig camp. "I knew it was an unfortunate situation for it to happen at my 30th birthday party. So I knew what was going to come out of it -- for his safety. You never want anyone to get shot. You never want anybody to get harmed or anything like that to happen. ... Like I tell everybody, if certain people never showed up it never would have happened.”

Vick told police, the Eagles and the NFL that he had no prior knowledge that Phillips was going to get shot.

"I won't sit here and say I knew something was going to happen," Vick said. "I knew the events surrounding what happened and what took place outside. But that was about it."

Vick said that he was concerned that the events could have led to his being cut by the Eagles or his being suspended from the league. The NFL cleared Vick to practice when camp opens tomorrow morning.

"Two or three weeks ago, yeah, I was curious if I was going to make it to training camp," Vick said. "But I knew the facts. I knew that I didn't do anything wrong."

Vick said that he called Eagles coach Andy Reid not long after the shooting occurred. He said that it wasn't "a pleasant conversation." He added that he knows that he's on thin ice and that he has no more chances.

"I think [Vick] learned some important lessons here," Reid said. "It's very important that you put yourself in the proper situation. I think you've gotten know Michael here and Michael is a very nice guy. He likes to please everybody and do the best he can. Those are great redeeming qualities."