Vick: It's painful right now

Michael Vick broke two ribs on the second play of Sunday's game. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Mike Vick, walking a little more gingerly and slowly through the NovaCare Complex today, sounded unsure if he can play through broken ribs against the Giants Sunday.

He said he would take his injury "day by day."

Vick broke the ribs on the Eagles second offensive play Sunday when he was hammered by linebacker Daryl Washington. The Cardinals rushed four, but Washington was unblocked.

Vick completed a pass to Brent Celek but was slow to get up, but did not alert coaches to his discomfort. It's not clear when Vick spoke to team doctors, since neither coach Andy Reid nor Vick mentioned the injury in their post game press conferences.

"Maybe it was selfish to stay out there but it wasn’t affecting me. Just compounding hits started to tackle a toll on me. I’ve got to start to realize maybe I can’t do it all sometimes," Vick said.

He felt himself grimacing after several throws, he said.

"I just feel like I've been through worse. If it was a situation I had to come out I would have come out," Vick said.

Vick missed three games last year with cartilage damage in his ribs, but that injury was toward the top of his rib cage. This one is near the bottom on the left side.

Asked how the two injuries compare, Vick said, "It’s painful right now, it’s all I can say."