Vick says he has 'deep bone bruise'

Michael Vick left Sunday's game with what was then believed to be a broken right hand. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)


Mike Vick said he has a deep bone bruise on his right hand, which was heavily wrapped today when he showed up at the NovaCare Complex for a meeting with coach Andy Reid.

A bone bruise is more significant and troublesome than a typical tissue bruise and could make it harder for Vick to play this Sunday.

Vick said he wants to play this week, but made no commitment.

"It all remains to be seen. I've got to take it one day at a time, we’ll see how it unfolds," Vick said from the driver's seat of his SUV. "It’s sore, it’s still swollen, but with rehab we’ll see how it recovers and how well it gets."

Dr. Charles Leinberry, a hand and wrist specialist at the Rothman Institute, said today that the swelling and pain from a tissue contusion can often be dealt with in three to four days. A bone bruise, though, could require more than a week of rest.

"The bone contusion you might have to worry a little bit because then you might have some actual weakening," Leinberry said. (Leinberry had not examined Vick and was speaking in general about the hand injury).

Asked about the risk of added injury, Vick said he will "evaluate the situation and when I step on the field make sure it’s a safe situation."

Vick also backed off a bit on his Sunday comments on the referees and whether they offer him enough protection.

"Maybe I shouldn’t have approached it in that fashion because the truth of the matter is we can’t control the situation. I was kind of out of chacacter and being too candid in that aspect. Ultimately I respect the referees and their decision to make calls and that’s the way it’ll be and you won't hear me complain about it no more."


Andy Reid said Mike Vick does not have a broken hand after all. The quarterback has a hand contusion. It is still swollen and sore though. He would not say if he thinks Vick can play this week or who would start if Vick can't go. Clearly his hope is that Vick recovers in time, because it Vince Young may not be healthy yet and Mike Kafka did not inspire confidence Sunday.

The Eagles also got good news on Jeremy Maclin. Reid said his hamstring strain is not as bad as first feared, though he did not put a timetable on the receiver's return.

"(Vick) still has a bunch of swelling that has to get out of there, it’s sensitive to the touch right now, but the positive is it’s not a fracture," Reid said. It was as swollen Monday morning as after the game.

"It's not to say he can't play with the swelling, it's just got to be that he can bend his hand where he can work with it," Reid said.

Asked about the quarterback's status, he said, "we’ll see how he does over the next couple of days, we’ve got to get the swelling down."

Reid said a CT scan Monday showed that a blood vessel was lying on top of the bone in Vick's hand, which made it appear to be a break Sunday. (At first, Reid said, the team didn't think he had a break, then later x-rays made them think he did, so this is another reversal).

It was clear that the coach is hoping that his starting quarterback will be well enough to play this week. He was non-commital on a backup plan, and could not say if Young will be back to full health by Sunday. Asked who would start in place of Vick Reid said, "we'll see."

Pressed on if Young has an edge over Kafka, Reid said he's mostly just worried about Vick's swelling. Young was not quite at 100 percent this week, Reid said. That helps explain why it was Kafka playing when Vick went down.

"We’ll take him out and we’ll run him here. It's was that top end (speed) this past week, I didn't think we there," Reid said. "We’ll see how he does this week."

Reid said Maclin is "day-to-day," which was the same description he used when Young injured his hamstring Sept. 1. Maclin's hamstring is still tender, Reid said.

Other notes from the press conference:

-- Asked about DeSean Jackson's postgame comments -- in which the receiver said the defense needed to "step up" after the offense's failed fourth down conversion attempt, Reid said, "I’m kind of a 'we' guy, that we all need to play better. I know DeSean’s always been a team guy."

-- Reid on going for it on fourth down: "I knew we had the momentum obviously, and I've always been aggressive, so I wanted to make sure we stayed aggressive and it was the wrong thing to do, obviously, hindsight being 20/20 here," he said.

-- Vick was hurt when defensive tackle Chris Canty hit him, not when he fell at the end of the play, Reid said.

-- He would not comment on whether Casey Matthews will remain a starting linebacker. "I haven’t even gone there. I’m probably not going to go there with you."

-- Asked in general about his linebackers and safeties, Reid said, "we’re going to keep working and try to get that right and make sure we all do our jobs a little bit better."

At the moment, it's hard to see answers at those positions coming from the current roster.

-- Reid would not go into detail about why he chose to hand the ball to Owen Schmitt near the Giants goal line instead of the red-hot LeSean McCoy. "I thought that was the way to go. Obviously it wasn't now that it's sadi and done."

-- Asked about the accuracy of a FOX report that Vick did not wear his mouthpiece Sunday, Reid said, "I can't tell you that."

-- Riley Cooper has a concussion but was doing well today, Reid said. Cooper has to go through the same testing process as Vick did this past week. Cornerback Brandon Hughes has a hamstring strain.