Vick: I'm 80 percent; eyeing return by opener

Michael Vick, in an interview with USA Today, said that his injured ribs were 80 percent healthy and that he was aiming to return in time for the season opener on Sept. 9 at Cleveland.

In response to criticism that he is still not taking the necessary precautions in protecting himself, Vick said that he was "trying to do the best" that he can.

"I can only do what I can do," Vick said to USA Today. "I'm feeling better. Hanging in there. Trying to make it to September 9."

Vick did not speak following Monday night's game at New England, nor did he meet with reporters back at the NovaCare Complex on Wednesday. Andy Reid said Wednesday that Vick would play in the opener.


Who will win Friday’s Eagles-Browns game?

Vick will not play in Friday night's preseason game at the Browns, however, and he is not expected to suit up for the preseason finale on Aug. 30 against the New York Jets. Vick has taken only 12 offensive snaps in the preseason.

He bruised him thumb on his sixth offensive play against the Steelers on Aug. 9. Vick was not slated to play longer in that game. He was scheduled to play into the third quarter Monday night at New England, but during the Eagles offense's sixth play from scrimmage Vick was pummeled by Patriots linebacker Jermaine Cunningham.

Vick left the game and was replaced by rookie Nick Foles, who will start Friday against the Browns. An X-ray after the game and an MRI and CT scan the following day did not reveal any bone or cartilage fractures in Vick's rib area.

Even though he avoided major injury, Vick has been injury-prone over the last two-plus years. Some have suggested that his holding onto the football too long -- sometimes to extend a play -- has made him more susceptible to injury than most quarterbacks.

On Monday night, Vick spun away from inside pressure when guard Evan Mathis was beat. Before he was met by Cunningham Vick heaved a long incomplete pass to DeSean Jackson.

"I just let everything happen in that moment," Vick said. "I can't go to the line dictating what I'm going to do. I can't go to the line trying to predict everything that I'm going to do. That would hurt you're game a little bit, because I might miss somebody getting open. I have to go through my progressions to the best of my abilities."