Kolb out for the game, latest piece of bad news

Kevin Kolb's debut lasted all of a half. He did not come back to start the second half and Mike Vick is starting out under center.

Kolb is out with a concussion and so is Stewart Bradley, who also has a concussion. Neither will be back today.

It's the latest piece of bad news from what so far has been a bad news start of the season for Philadelphia.

There were injuries, offensive ineptness and two long Packers drives to mark he first half.

After two quarters, the Packers have gained 174 yards to 49 for the Eagles. They're averaging 4.5 yards per play, while the Eagles are gaining 2.2.

Kolb was nearly been intercepted three times -- all on throws where he stared down DeSean Jackson and tried to force the ball into his receiver. (The first Kolb boos audible in the press box came with 10:51 left in the second quarter, less than 20 minutes into the Kolb era).

Mike McGlynn has one catch, which is one more than either Jackson or Brent Celek.

And then there are the injuries, which could have much larger ramifications than any single half. The worst of them appeared to be a knee injury to Leonard Weaver. His knee got bent back badly by a tackle, and from the reaction of his teammates and coaches -- Andy Reid went onto the field to check on his fullback -- it looked very worrisome.

Jamaal Jackson has also left the game, with what the team said was an elbow injury and is not expected back.