The Real Slim Shady

LeSean McCoy may be out of college, but the Eagles rookie running back is getting his learn on, as they say. The second-round draft pick has spent the last few weeks immersed in the Eagles’ offense and will spend the better part of the next month studying the playbook. Whether McCoy can grasp the scheme will go a long way in determining how much playing time he’ll see (cough, hack, Ryan Moats, hack, cough).

McCoy answers that question, plus a few others, during a brief chat after Wednesday’s minicamp.

Is the offense coming quickly?
I wouldn’t say quickly because I have my mess ups, my mistakes. I’m human. But I think I’m learning better than the average rookie because being kind of familiar with a lot of the stuff they do here [from his days at Pittsburgh]. It’s just they word it different.

Some have suggested that McCoy could benefit from a more intense strength regimen:
I wouldn’t say [I’m] a gym rat – one of those guys in the weight room all day and all night. Freaking their heads are all red from lifting. But I work out. That’s part of the game. I think I’m a hard worker.

How is he progressing with his pass blocking?
I think it’s more of a technique thing. I think my technique was pretty bad and [running backs] coach [Ted] Williams has been going over and over with the correct and proper technique.

Is this the first time he has to come into a new situation not being “the man?”
That’s not true. When I came into Pitt I didn’t know too much. I had to learn. I didn’t start when I first got in. It took me about three games before I actually started.

Does he expect to be starting for the Eagles by the third game?
[Laughs] Come on.