The Rock visits the Eagles

The Rock, right, worked out at the NovaCare Complex before a WWE event Monday. (Courtesy of Evan Mathis' Twitter)

Sometimes in this job, you just get lucky by being in the right place at the right time when something happens to unfold in front of you. I thought I was enjoying one of those rare moments just after noon, when I arrived at the NovaCare Complex in anticipation of Evan Mathis' news conference and saw an athletic, muscular figure who had clearly just worked out leaving the building. Looked like a defensive end, or maybe a big linebacker. He had a muscle shirt on, and looked ripped.

Eagles head trainer Rick Burkholder walked the guy to a waiting black SUV, they exchanged a bro-hug, and the mystery man was headed off. I knew he wasn't an Eagle, and he didn't look like any of the big free agents on the market. Still, there are only so many defensive ends and linebackers I can recognize out of their uniforms. I reached out to a well-placed Eagles source, checking to see if the team had an imminent signing, only for players to solve the mystery themselves.

"Got that workout in today with Dwayne Johnson aka 'The People's Champ' aka @TheRock," linebacker Jamar Chaney wrote on Twitter.

"The People's OG meets The People's Champion, @TheRock." wrote Evan Mathis, who took the prize for best picture with the wrestling legend.

Johnson, of course, was once a defensive end at the University of Miami, and several fans joked on Twitter that maybe he could help the Eagles out. The WWE is in town tonight, so he was just catching a quick work out before hand. The scoop was scratched, though I did learn that there are some big wrestling fans on the team, and several plan to head to the event tonight.