The Eagles have "no interest" in bringing Terrell Owens back to Philly, a team source said. (Ron Cortes / File photo)

Sometimes you have to ask the question even when you know the answer. Otherwise, you've made an assumption and you know what they say about people who assume.

So the question was asked of the Eagles this morning: Safe to assume you guys have no interest in the recently released Terrell Owens?

"No interest," a team source revealed.

Shocking. A lot of people are now predicting that T.O. will end up in Oakland, following in the career-ending footsteps of his former teammate Jerry Rice. The only difference between Rice and T.O. are the Super Bowl rings and playoff wins.

Hard to believe that T.O. hasn't been on the field for a playoff victory since catching the game-winning pass from Steve Young in a 1999 game against Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers. The NFL Network broadcast that game last night and it was a lot of fun to watch for a number of reasons.

You saw a slimmed-down Andy Reid in his final season as the Packers' quarterbacks coach, Reggie White playing in his final game with the Packers and T.O. crying for the first time -- but not the last -- in his turbulent career.

CORRECTION: I incorrectly reported Stacy Andrews' base salary for 2009 and his the overall  value of his contract in today's paper. The base salary for 2009 is $1.62 million and the overall value of the deal is $38.5 million not including incentives and escalator clauses.