Still waiting for a return phone call from Eagles offensive tackle Tra Thomas, but he did make an appearance with Angelo Cataldi and former teammate Hugh Douglas this morning on 610 WIP radio.

Without sounding the least bit angry, Thomas said he did not receive a phone call from Eagles head coach Andy Reid after signing a three-year contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars Monday.

"Ten years with him ... I haven't heard anything," Thomas said. "It's cool. I understand the nature of the game. I don't take it personal. I've moved on and I'm with a new organization that wants me here and I'm excited to be where I am now."

Thomas said he doesn't know how the Eagles plan to replace him at left tackle or how quarterback Donovan McNabb feels about his departure. With the exception of a handful of games, Thomas is the only left tackle to ever protect McNabb's blind side.

"I'm supposed to see him this weekend," Thomas said. "We'll sit down and talk about it then. I don't know what the Eagles' plans are to replace me. I don't know what's going on. I didn't hear anything. There was no conversation."

McNabb actually checked in on his blog about the departure of Thomas and safety Brian Dawkins late last night.

"I usually don't remark about teammates unless asked but I felt it was necessary to share my thoughts on a couple of teammates that are no longer in Philadelphia," McNabb blogged. "I have been a part of the Philadelphia Eagles for 10 years and I have not played a game, attended a practice, sweated in training camp, built a playground or participated in a Carnival, and more importantly dreamed of a championship parade, without Brian Dawkins and Tra Thomas being a part of it.

"We all had a goal of bringing a championship to this city and while we didn't achieve that goal, we have had a lot of successes during our time together. I was always confident that Tra had my blindside. When he was out there it was one less thing to worry about. As for Brian, mere words cannot explain what he has meant to me, our team, and the City of Philadelphia. He and I shared many things besides a locker room. We shared a passion for the game, a desire to make a difference, and dreams for better things. There may be other men to come in here and play these positions and hopefully we can share successes. I will always regret not having the chance to win a championship with these guys."

McNabb also lamented the losses of some other teammates.

"Correll Buckhlater, Lito Sheppard, Greg Lewis, and Sean Considine will all be missed and I do wish them all success," McNabb said.

Thomas is expected to see a bunch of his former teammates Friday when he hosts a charity golf tournament in Deland, Fla., the town where he grew up and played high school football. McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Sheppard and Asante Samuel are listed among the NFL players scheduled to attend.

Thomas, 34, said when the season ended with a loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC championship game that he was confident the Eagles would want him back.

"I felt like this year was definitely one of my better seasons," he said. "I went up against (John) Abraham in Atlanta. When I had to play him, he had about 12, 13, 14 sacks. He left the game with that same number of sacks. When DeMarcus Ware came in, he only needed two more sacks to break the sack record and he left with the same amount of sacks that he came into the game with. It's cool. I felt like I had a great season ... and I guess they just didn't feel the same."

Thomas only allowed two sacks during the regular season, but he also allowed two to Minnesota's Jared Allen in the Eagles' first-round playoff game. Even so, allowing four sacks in 19 games is a pretty good track record and two fewer than Winston Justice allowed on that disastrous night against the New York Giants a couple years ago. To be fair, Justice is not going to be Thomas' replacement.

Reid, according to Thomas, did call the veteran offensive tackle right before the start of free agency, but offensive line coach Juan Castillo was the only coach to call him after he signed with the Jaguars.

"Coach Reid called me one time, I guess right when free agency was about to begin," Thomas said. "He gave me a quick call. I was on the phone with him for about five minutes. It was a surface conversation. It wasn't a conversation saying, 'Hey, we want you or we don't want you.' It was kind of like, 'We'll see how it plays out,' and that was it. I didn't hear anything else from anybody else."

Thomas said once Dawkins signed with the Denver Broncos, he was pretty sure his days in Philadelphia were numbered, too.

"Once Dawk signed with Denver, I said, 'All right, there it is,' " Thomas said. "If they don't bring Dawk back, man I know I'm gone. I told my wife, 'Get our suitcases ready and let's get ready to move.' "