SI: Kolb's performance one of the top 20 stories of 2010 season

Is Kevin Kolb ready for his big chance? Don Banks takes on the question at the center of the Eagles’ season, and foreseeable future, in a column up on today.

Banks lists Kolb’s first year at the helm as one of the 20 top issues to consider as fans look ahead to the 2010 NFL season.

He points to some strengths – Kolb’s accuracy and the time he’s had to learn – and potential pitfalls – saying the quarterback might benefit from a stronger running game and defense than the Eagles currently have. Banks concludes that “My sense is Kolb will reward (Reid) with a solid and occasionally spectacular first season on the job.” 

In the same column, Banks takes a look at the Donovan McNabb trade and how it will reflect on Andy Reid and his former quarterback once the season ends. If either the Redskins or Eagles reach the playoffs and the other one falls short, he writes, the winner will be obvious. But Banks ultimately sees potential positives for both sides.

“To me, it's pretty clear that the Redskins are significantly improved with McNabb under center, but I'm equally certain that Reid won't entirely lose his coaching touch with No. 5 now wearing burgundy and gold,” he writes.

If Banks' forecast for Kolb holds up, will fans be satisfied? Would it justify handing Kolb the reins?

And, after all the debate about McNabb, do you think the deal actually ends up being good for both parties? Have at it . . .