Report: Eagles offered Brown and pick for Boldin

Say it ain't so, but there's more from the Anquan Boldin front. According to Kent Somers of The Arizona Republic, the Eagles offered cornerback Sheldon Brown and a third round pick for the Cardinals wide receiver. Arizona, wisely, rejected the offer. I'm not positive, but I'm sure the Eagles were willing to toss in a few of T.O.'s unused jock straps, as well. 

Earlier this week, Eagles coach Andy Reid went on 610-WIP and said that the asking price for Boldin was too high. He said -- just throwing out numbers for spits and giggles -- that first, third and fifth round picks, plus Boldin's $10 million salary would be too much for the Eagles to give up/take on if such a deal were to have existed.

Neverthless, the Eagles drafted Jeremy Maclin in the first round instead and there's no reason to ponder (right?) what might have been. Still, it might be interesting to hear what Brown thought about the proposed deal. He said he wanted out just prior to the draft. The Eagles were presumably willing to grant his wish right away. Of course, their low ball offer could hardly suggest they were ready to send Brown off so soon.

Brown, by the way, reportedly met with Eagles president Joe Banner to clear the air. Brown was upset with Banner when he went on the radio and said he was unaware that his starting cornerback wanted a new contract. Brown has taken veiled and some not-too-veiled shots at Banner. I'm sure the kiss-and-make up was as uncomfortable as you might imagine.