Rendell's rooting for McNabb, disses Eagles

Gov. Rendell is still an Eagles fan, but he told the website Politico that he intends to root for Donovan McNabb and the Redskins in the playoffs – because he doesn’t expect the Birds to make it without their longtime quarterback.

“They’re going to be in it, and we’re not,” Rendell told the site’s Ken Vogel, according to a blog post from fellow Politico writer Ben Smith.
The comment came at the end of an interview about the tea-party. Rendell was asked about his thoughts on the McNabb trade.
“It’s be careful what you wish for,” the former Philadelphia mayor said.
He added, “I’ll tell you this, Donovan’s going to be great for the Redskins.”
Smith wrote that the comments are “another sign that Ed Rendell has become even more unencumbered by political considerations during his waning months in office.” He is barred by term limits from running again for governor, almost certainly ending his elective political career in Pennsylvania.
Here is a link to the Politico post featuring Rendell’s comments:
- Jonathan Tamari