Reid: we don't deserve a bye

Andy Reid did not mince words when it came to his performance or that of his team Tuesday night.

"It was an absolutely pathetic job on my part of getting my team ready to play. We didn't coach well and we didn't play well. It was a complete tail-whipping right there."

Asked about missing out on a chance to secure a first round playoff bye he said, "we don't deserve it after that performance right there."

Reid hinted that his ire meant his starters would play again next week, even though there is nothing to gain in terms of playoff seeding -- "We're not good enough to do that," he said when asked about resting his top players, but later, in response to a similar question, he said he had not "even though about next week." 

Here's what some Eagles players had to say about the game.

Michael Vick:
On how his quad contusion affected his play:
"It didn't affect me because when the ball was snapped, my focus was just making plays that I know I can make."

On the fumble before halftime:
"We set a slot blitz and we didn't pick it up. I got to do a better job of protecting the football. Regardless of whether or not we pick the blitz up, it's still my responsibility to push up in the pocket, two hands on the ball."

On Reid calling the team's performance "pathetic":
"I agree, absolutely. We're a much better football team than we displayed tonight, much much better. ... Starting with me as the leader of this football team as the quarterback, I had an interception and two fumbles. Two critical fumbles. It just goes back to being disciplined. If those things don't happen, then I think we dictate the outcome of the game. I take sole responsibility for not doing that."

On playing or resting against Dallas:
"Whatever coach decides to do, I'll be ready to go."

DeSean Jackson:
"We didn’t do a good job. To be a championship caliber team we can’t play like that."

Quintin Mikell:
On playing or resting against Dallas:
"We want to play, we’re going to play. Anytime you go out and have a showing like that, you don’t want to go into the postseason after something like this."

On losing a chance for a bye:
"The door was open for us, and we basically closed it on ourselves."

Darryl Tapp:
"We haven’t earned anything yet ... You’re only as good as your last game, and we played bad. You've got to get yourself together."

Jason Avant:
"I think we thought they were going to lay down for us, that’s what it seemed to me. Just out there, it didn’t seem right. It didn’t seem like us and it didn’t feel right. All night, just careless, not disciplined, a lot of different things."

On playing the starters Sunday:
"We definitely should play, we need to play."

Brent Celek:
"We flat out played terrible in all aspects."

"If we don’t regroup and get things together, we’re not going to go anywhere."

On recent rallies covering up errors:
"We played terrible (against the Giants) in the first half, the first three quarters and we came back, which was great, but we should never be in that position to begin with."

"We know we’ve got a great football team, but when you're playing like that for the last few weeks, you're not going to win anything, plain and simple."

On how the game's delay affected the teams:
"If anything they had the disadvantage. We were able to go home and get rest. There's no excuse."

"If we don't regroup and get things together, then we're not going to go anywhere."

David Akers:
On the kick off that went out of bounds:
"The wind was coming that way, so we were driving a kick, just a real low liner, but it hit more to the right and then just kicked to the right. If it rolls straight, it turns out to be a great kick. It kicks to the right, and then you get the penalty and they get the ball on the 40. I take responsibility. Sometimes you try to make a good play and you over try a little bit."

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