Reid: Never thought about benching Vick

Remember those three days in between Andy Reid saying on Sunday that he was evaluating the quarterback position and the Eagles coach then releasing a statement on Wednesday that Michael Vick was still his starter?

Well, that time lapse did not mean he was contemplating benching Vick for rookie Nick Foles, Reid said. Nope, Vick is his starter and he "will continue to be the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles."

"My point wasn’t that I was going to bench Michael Vick, it was that I needed to step back and evaluate before I came to you," Reid said Thursday and the Eagles opened practice in preparation for Monday night's game in New Orleans.

So, Reid was asked, Vick will start for the rest of the season?

“Michael’s the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles,” Reid answered.

Reid was, understandably, in full damage control. He obviously can't have a quarterback controversy distracting his 3-4 Eagles as they face a must-win game against the Saints.

Vick said he had a conversation with Reid after the coach's Wednesday statement in which they "talked about some things that we both needed to discuss." The quarterback provided no details, but he did admit that he let the situation affect his psyche.

“I’m human," Vick said. "It does tend to bother you because I have emotions just like everybody else. It’s not like you can just block certain things out. You want to have that comfort level. You want to know that everything is going to be what it’s going to be at the end of the day. … I kind of let it get to me, to be honest."

On Tuesday, wide receiver DeSean Jackson said on NFL Network that he didn't think Vick has looked comfortable in the Eagles offense this season. Vick said that he was comfortable, but that he has tried to cater his game to "what everybody wanted me to be."

"The most important thing is I just got to let it go," Vick said. "I got to get my swag back, I got to get back to playing the way I love to play it and not worry about what’s going to happen because that’s out of my control.”

Vick has had an up-and-down season. He's accounted for 13 of the Eagles' 17 turnovers, but has also engineered three fourth-quarter comebacks. On Sunday against the Falcons, he wasn't always sharp, but he did not turn the ball over.

Reid said he thought that Vick actually played one of his best games of the season. Still, both coach and quarterback left a lot of room for interpretation when after the game Reid said that he was going to evaluate the position and Vick said that it was obvious his coach was considering a change.

“That was the question that was thrown at me," Vick said of his response after the game. "So I didn’t know that conversation took place. So, hey, it’s all hindsight now. You got to move forward. I can’t continue to entertain that. I got to stay focused for this team.”

Vick said he and the team were moving forward. He called for a players-only meeting Wednesday in which several veteran Eagles stood up and voiced their grievances. There was some questioning of effort, but no individual players were called out, one veteran Eagles player said.