Reggie Brown doesn't know if he'll play

"I've been dealing with it since last year, so I guess I'm used to it," said Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown about not playing. (Ron Cortes / File photo)

The Eagles' reduced the receivers on the roster from seven to six Tuesday by releasing Hank Baskett, who signed today with the Indianapolis Colts.

Reggie Brown, however, doesn't feel  any better about his situation. He was asked if he thought it was a compliment that the Eagles kept him over Baskett.

"Compliment?" Brown asked rhetorically. "I'm still not playing. I don't see that as a compliment."

Dating back to last season, Brown has been deactivated in four of the Eagles' last eight games, including the NFC championship loss in Arizona and the season opener Sunday at Carolina.

"I've been dealing with it since last year, so I guess I'm used to it," he said.

With Baskett gone, there seems like a pretty good chance that Brown will play in the Eagles' home opener Sunday against the New Oreleans Saints.

"I don't know if I'm up, so I can't get excited," he said. "I just want to play. Hopefully I'll get an opportunity to play and I can make the best of it."

Brown said he has tried to maintain a positive attitude, but based on his actions and answers these days, it's obvious easier said than done. He admitted that going from starter to a guy who can't get on the field has been the most difficult stretch of his career.

"You just try to stay positive," Brown said. "You try as hard as you can. You keep working hard. Even a rose can grow out of a pound of bull (manure), so why can't I?"