Player vote won't come today

NFL player representatives will not be voting on a possible labor deal today, the Associated Press reported, meaning a resolution to the NFL lockout will again be delayed.

Many player reps from the 32 teams have already left NFLPA headquarters here in Washington after a long day of discussions.

"We've got a lot more work to do ... We're still hashing it out," said the Jets' Tony Richardson as he left.

Earlier NFLPA president Kevin Mawae said players would not sign off on an agreement unless it is "the best deal for the players."

Players could still vote Thursday. Owners are gathering in Atlanta for meetings Thursday and Friday in the hopes that they can vote to end the lockout, but players must agree to settlement terms first.

Sports Illustrated reported that players did vote -- conditionally -- to recommend that the plaintiffs approve a settlement in their antitrust suit against the league. A settlement is one piece of finalizing a new CBA, but the conditional vote means it still hinges on other issues being resolved. But clearly those issues remain unsolved.

That makes Thursday another big day for both sides, we think. Or hope.