Patrick Chung has a shoulder contusion, expected to play next week

The only notable injury for the Eagles is safety Patrick Chung, who has a shoulder contusion. Chung wore a sling on Friday, but he's expected to be able to practice on Tuesday.

Also on the injury front, quarterback Michael Vick (ankles) and running back LeSean McCoy (ankle) are both "fine," according to Kelly. 

Some other issues to cover...

- James Casey took only one offensive snap on Thursday. Casey's role has been minimal through three games, and Kelly said Brent Celek's production is part of the reason.

"I think we've got some competition," Kelly said "The one guy that has really stepped up throughout anybody on our offensive team ahs been Brent Celek. I think Brent has done an outstanding job. He's really practiced at a real high level since camp."

Kelly said it's not about Casey, although the reality is Casey and Zach Ertz -- two big additions to the offense -- are playing less than 30 percent of the snaps.

"This offense is predictated on who's making the plays," Kelly said. "When all your decisions are made, if we put this guy in, who are we taking out? Jason [Avant] is playing at a high level; he's our leading receiver. If we put a second tight end in the game, are we taking Jason out of the game?"

- Kelly doesn't regret going for the two-point conversion, although he said there was a missed assignment on the play.

- Kelly said punt returner Damaris Johnson needs to get ball security "straightened out."

"Putting the ball on the ground in those situatons is unacceptable," Kelly said.