Nnamdi Asomugha has whiplash and split lip, but no concussion

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Nnamdi Asomugha was not at the Eagles' morning work-through on Tuesday after suffering a lip laceration and sore neck after a violent collision with Nate Allen in Monday's practice. Coach Andy Reid said Tuesday that Asomugha has whiplash symptoms and a badly split lip. The good news for Asomugha is that the injury does not appear serious -- in other words, no concussion.

"He doesn't have a concussion, he's been tested, everything's OK there," Reid said. "He wasn't knocked out. That's not what happened. When he was hit, he was completely conscious the whole time."

Asomugha is day-to-day, at this point.


On the final day of practice at Lehigh, Reid thanked and praised the hospitality of those at Lehigh. Whether the team has Fan Appreciation Day, though, remains to be seen. There are currently heavy rains in the area. Reid is told the rains will clear up in the afternoon, but time will tell.

The Eagles will have a 10/10/10 practice. They hope it's outside, but might need to conduct it indoors away from public viewing, depending on the weather.


Reid is satisfied with the three weeks in Lehigh, which gave him a sense of the team. With so many moving parts last season, Reid feels different leaving Lehigh this year than he did last season.

"It's been a good camp from a camaraderie standpoint," Reid said. "We were also able to get a lot of good work in."

Reid wanted to see a carry-over from last season and the organized team activities. He has seen that occur, which Reid hopes is a foundation for the season.