Nick Foles to take 1st-team snaps on Tuesday

Nick Foles will take first-team snaps when the Eagles practice on Tuesday, coach Chip Kelly said Monday.

Kelly said Foles will get the snaps because Michael Vick is not yet ready to practice. Kelly still was not prepared to name Foles the starter, even after Sunday's seven-touchdown performance. The Eagles play the Green Bay Packers this Sunday.

Asked what more Foles needs to show him, Kelly said, "He just needs to continue to play. He’s like anyone else on this team.” 

What stood out to Kelly was the way Foles played on third downs. Foles finished 22 of 28 for 406 yards and seven touchdowns. He was 6 of 8 for 81 yards and one touchdown on third downs, showing that he can extend drives.

Kelly said he didn't learn about Foles on Sunday, but rather saw his beliefs confirmed.

"I've seen him in practice, seen him getting better and better," Kelly said. "It's, again, going out on the field and doing it. That's why I think what happened in the Cowboys game was such a surprise to everybody because that's not what Nick expects out of himself, not what we expect out of him. Just happy for him."

Kelly admitted there's a "small sample size" for Foles performances. And if Foles want to remain level-headed, he only needs to look at the way he played against the Cowboys.

"If he needs anything to think about it, he should think about what happened in last couple weeks to him. It could change in a week,” Kelly said.

But when Kelly thinks of Foles' intangibles, he looks at Foles in college. Although Foles' teams at Arizona weren't very good, Kelly said Foles' toughness resonated.

"Take the film out when we played him. We hit the crap out of that kid every single day," Kelly said. "He completed a pass against us left-handed for 13 yards, and his helmet turned around sideways, he got up and took the next snap.”

So it looks like Foles will get at least one more week. When Kelly was asked how he could look at Foles and tell him he isn't the starter, Kelly implied Foles is not as concerned with that as one would think.

"I think you're more worried about it than he is," Kelly said.


Left tackle Jason Peters and cornerback Bradley Fletcher both have pectoral injuries. Peters will not practice on Tuesday but will likely return later in the week, Kelly said. Kelly needed to wait and see how Fletcher feels this week.