NFL interviewed Vick

While it is still unclear if Roger Goodell met with Michael Vick recently to discuss the Eagles quarterback's off-season decision-making, the NFL did interview him the same day a shooting occurred outside a Virginia Beach nightclub that was hosting Vick's birthday party.

This bit of news was included in Ashley Fox's and Michael Jensen's opus in today's Inquirer on the Eagles' decision to acquire Vick and keep him despite this latest incident.

In the early morning of June 25, Quanis Phillips, a codefendant in Vick's dogfighting case, was shot in the leg outside Guadalajara's, a Mexican restaurant. Vick said that he contacted the Eagles and the NFL later that morning. The league then questioned him about the incident, according to The Inquirer's report.

What occurred during that interview is not exactly clear. The league said that it was conducting its own investigation and, as recent as earlier this week, said the incident was still under review. While Vick is scheduled to report to Eagles training camp on Monday, he could still possibly face a penalty from the league.

On Thursday, there was a story from a blogger on Bleacher Report that said Commissioner Goodell and Vick had "sat down" recently. Citing "sources," the blogger wrote that Goodell "told [Vick] to stay away from friends during party time. Just family and no friends because friends bring nothing but trouble for him."

Vick's lawyer, Larry Woodward, had no comment about such a meeting and directed all inquiries to Joel Segal, Vick's agent. Segal has not returned repeated calls requesting comment. The league won't say if a conversation took place.

“We do not comment on any of the commissioner’s private meetings or conversations,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello wrote in an e-mail.

Barring some unforseen development, Vick will check into the Lehigh dorms Monday evening, along with rookies, selected veterans and the Eagles' other quarterbacks.

A team spokesman said that the Eagles' backup quarterback will take questions.