NFLPA eyes Monday vote

Monday is the day.

Of course, last Thursday was supposed to be the day the NFL lockout ended. And before that, July 15. And before that ...

But NFL owners and players appear to have made significant progress during negotiations on Saturday, enough for the NFL Players Association to finally vote on a proposal for a new labor agreement, according to an report.

The players will vote Monday to approve a 10-year collective bargaining agreement the owners ratified on Thursday. If they vote in favor of the deal -- one vote greater than 50 percent of the 1,900 or so players -- the plan would allow for the players to recertify by Friday.

Other reports, however, state that the NFLPA plans to meet in Washington on Monday and that a vote may or may not occur.

If the players vote in favor of the proposal, teams would conceivably be permitted to open their doors to the players on Wednesday, and possibly start training camp that same day. The new league year would start on Saturday and free agency would begin at 2 p.m.

There is still two days until Monday, however, when the NFLPA's executive committee would meet in Washington to begin the process of voting and finally ending the 4-1/2 month lockout.