Mornhinweg: 'not much good there' against Cincinnati

"There was not much good," Marty Mornhinweg said of the Eagles' offense against the Bengals. (David Maialetti / Staff file photo)

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg had this to say about his offense's performance Friday against Cincinnati:

"Last week, there was not much good there."

Ouch. Tough assessment this morning of an offense that has not scored a touchdown in three quarters of preseason play, though Mornhinweg pointed out that they did, in fact, get into the end zone Friday, only to see the score called back by a penalty. The Eagles got into the red zone once against the Bengals and down to the 22-yard-line on another drive, settling for field goals both times. But they had a turnover -- a Jeremy Maclin fumble -- while in field goal range on another drive, found little running room, and Kevin Kolb was often pressured.

Mornhinweg did not single out any particular area for concern, even when asked specifically about the offensive line's evident troubles against the Bengals' defense.

"There was no position really that played at a high level, and that's what I was disappointed in," Mornhinweg told reporters. "We did some things in that ball game where, you know, that should never happen, but in reality it does in the preseason. So we teach, correct, we re-teach and then we move on back."

He added that the team does not show much of its offense in the preseason.

Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott had a more sunny outlook on his unit's performance. Prompted by reporters' questions, he praised Trent Cole, Dimitri Patterson and said Ernie Sims also had a good game, despite not getting on the stat sheet. On some plays, he said, Sims was blocked, allowing other players to make tackles.