Mornhinweg: offense needs to play 'the right way'

Marty Mornhinweg is usually putting a positive spin on his offense and his players, but listening to him today, there were moments when you would have a hard time believing his group had scored 31 points Sunday.

Mornhinweg said there were times last week when his offense gained yards, but didn't do it "the right way."

"Some great plays and great execution, and other plays that we gained yards on but we didn’t do it the right way," Mornhinweg said. "We were just off a little bit on more than a handful of plays. To be great, you’ve got to be more consistent than that.  We’re going to try to get better every day and hopefully every week you’ll see it on game day."

Mornhinweg, as he usually does, declined to get into specifics about individuals or plays, but several players, including Mike Vick, have said this week that the quarterback looked to run more than the team would like last Sunday. It often worked out, but the Eagles certainly want to see Vick take fewer hits this year.

-- Mornhinweg praised his offensive line, saying they did well, even though at times the Rams "rushed the cupboard," which I guess is a new way of saying "bringing the house."

-- Wide receiver Steve Smith "looked better yesterday than he has since he’s been here," Mornhinweg said. He expects the receiver to slowly become a bigger part of the offense.

-- Mornhinweg said tight end Brent Celek has improved as a blocker, and that his blocking assignments have affected his numbers.

-- In the preseason defensive coordinator Juan Castillo hinted at using Nnamdi Asomugha in coverage against tight ends. The Eagles face one of the top tight ends in the league this week in Tony Gonzalez, but Castillo wouldn't discuss whether Asomugha will be assigned to him. "That's interesting. We'll see on Sunday," was all he allowed.

-- Castillo said Brian Rolle is the starter in the team's third down nickel package. The Eagles have a regular nickel group (which on Sunday appeared to include Casey Matthews and Jamar Chaney at linebacker) and a third down unit (in which Rolle replaces Matthews).

-- Special teams coordinator Bobby April put blame on himself for Dion Lewis' decisions to run a couple of kick offs back from deep inside his own end zone. April said he needs to prepare Lewis better. He said the Eagles generally don't want to run the ball back if it is kicked more than five yards deep, but that teams are still figuring out the proper threshold with the new kickoff placement. In the past, a kick that deep would have been a sure kneel-down, April said.

-- Darryl Tapp (pec) is still out of practice but Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (ankle) said he expects to participate this afternoon.