Mikell nostalgic for Dawk

You miss Brian Dawkins, right? The Eagles do, too. Many of the reporters miss the long-time Eagles safety, as well. But there might not be another Eagles-affiliated person that is more wistful about Dawkins than the current strong safety Quintin Mikell.

Mikell said he watched last night's Broncos-Bears game and admitted it was odd seeing Dawkins, who wore a large protective cast over his broken hand, in another uniform.

“It was really weird, that orange jersey on and stuff, it was a little different seeing him," Mikell said. "It was fun watching him play. He was flying around out there and having fun and playing physical.”

So did watching Dawkins play make Mikell wish that No. 20 was still an Eagle?

“You don’t want to get caught up in that," Dawkins said. "I will say it was a little nostalgic sitting here [thinking], ‘I remember those hits’ and stuff like that. It was a little weird but I’m happy with the situation that we’re in and I’m sure he’s happy. It’s the position we’re in. We just have to move on.”

While not having Dawkins around may be difficult for Mikell, it's a mixed bag for Quintin Demps. Dawkins leaving, obviously, opened the door up for Demps. But Demps has the inenviable position of following a legend and it seems to have hampered his play. He still hasn't locked up the job yet and has admitted that he's been playing as if he's afraid to make mistakes instead of just playing.

“I think, especially in the secondary, it’s tough because he’s Dawk –  we always go back to that. Everyone kind of gets compared to him and that’s fine," Mikell said. "I think Quintin, he’s learning that."

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