Michael Vick not worried about injuries, vows to run

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. (Matt Rourke/AP)

Now the starting quarterback for the Eagles, Michael Vick is not worried about injuries. He's played 16 games just once in his career, but Vick thinks focusing on injury could infect his mind-set and the way he plays. He confirmed that he plans on running this year, and that he's built his body to do so. 

"I think you got to take on a certain mindset that you’re going play the game all out," Vick said. "If you go into a football game not wanting to get hurt or trying not to get hurt, it doesn’t allow you to play the way you want to play.”

Vick injured his head, hand, and ribs last season. He missed five games due to a concussion last season.  

"You guys act like I get hurt once a week," Vick said to reporters with a media. "You all did that to me. Made me change the way I played the game.”

Some of the injuries have been random luck. Some have been because of the way he played.

“I think it’s a little bit of both," Vick said. "And just sometimes being in the wrong place in the wrong time. Two years back to back, broken ribs. Other than that, everything’s been pretty cool. If I can just keep that a minimum, than I’ll be OK."

When Vick ran for more than 1,000 yards in 2006, he played all 16 games. He said it was a mind-set that he had. He's been taking more vitamins this offseason to add calcium. He's been doing 1,000 push-up and 1,000 sit-ups each day, which might be hyperbole, although he is noticable bigger. He said his defense for withstanding hits is being "220 pounds, soaking wet."  

“I never felt I was out of shape," Vick said. "Looking back now and the way I feel as of today, I feel I was underweight and could have been a lot stronger.”

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