McNabb on PTI

Donovan McNabb went on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption today, and even though he was interviewed by friend Mike Wilbon, we'll probably have to wait a few more months before the ex-Eagles quarterback gives his honest feelings about being traded to the Redskins.

On second thought, that will probably never happen.

PTI's five-minute interview format, of course, didn't allow for anything expansive.

Wilbon, the Philly-hater that he is, asked McNabb about the drama of the city's sports scene and its reaction to his being dealt.

"People still kind of question why I had to go through that all throughout my career," McNabb said, apparently referring to the "drama" portion of Wilbon's question. "I really didn't focus on that then and I'm definitely not focusing on it now."

McNabb and Wilbon, a Washington Post columnist, have a long-standing relationship. In fact, Wilbon's pretty much the only working journalist that McNabb has confided in. But it's really not a sportswriter-athlete relationship. The Chicago natives have become friends over the years and even Wilbon finally admitted that he can't, in essence, cover McNabb without being biased.

I guess that vow didn't restrict him from having McNabb on his show. Wilbon asked his buddy if he was surprised that the Eagles would trade him to a division rival and whether he would try to come back and haunt the Birds.

"Yes, I was surprised," McNabb said. "Being with an organization for 11 years you would hope that somehow if they made that decision they would take care of you. I don't look at it as haunting. I look at it as an opportunity for me to move into another organization and try and turn that organization around."

McNabb once again spoke about playing for coach Mike Shanahan, who helped guide an older John Elway over the hump and to finally win a Super Bowl in Denver. "His career is pretty similar to mine -- making it to conference titles, he making a little further in Super Bowls, but not winning it," McNabb said. "And people saying he's not able to do it and he's not able to win the big game and thinking that maybe we should draft a young guy. I guess they kind of went to their senses of staying with him."

Co-host Tony Kornheiser asked McNabb if he thought he would be booed or cheered upon his return to Lincoln Financial Field.

"I hope I will be cheered," McNabb said. "I think the thing that I've been able to accomplish overweigh the feelings that some may have had. I think a lot of times people focus so much on the low percentage of people that call into radio stations to vent, to feel like they need to get something off their chests, or people who want to write articles about how their neighbor is feeling or somebody at the local gym sitting in the sauna."

Kornheiser then posed the following query to McNabb: Why would the Eagles trade him within the division unless they thought he was done?

"I don't think we'll ever find the answer until it's all said and done," McNabb said. 

The new Redskins quarterback then ended his interview with a parting shot: "Thank you, guys, for having me and you have a splendid evening," he said.

Wilbon giggled.

You can watch video of the segment below.