McNabb closes book on Eagles

ASHBURN, Va. -- There were conflicting agendas at Donovan McNabb's introductory press conference at Redskins Park.

There was McNabb and his people and the Washington media wanting to look ahead to what could be. And there was the Philadelphia media, the city's fans by extension, and perhaps the Eagles themselves, that wanted to look back briefly and cap a successful, but ultimately disappointing tenure.

McNabb, for the most part, did not want to reminisce, reflect or rip on his 11 years in Philadelphia. He answered most of the questions posed by the Philadelphia media with short answers.

Why do you think the Eagles traded you?
"Great question, but you can ask them that. I have no answer.”

What did Andy Reid and the Eagles tell you?
“Not much. Not much. As you can see all throughout the off-season they’re rebuilding and they’re going young. I never knew 33 was old, but I guess I’m too old.”

How will you look back on your 11 years in Philadelphia?

At what point did you stop thinking that you were coming back to the Eagles?
Easter. Is that good enough?

Did you talk to Kevin Kolb and what kind of future you think think Kolb will have?
McNabb said that he talked to Kolb last night.
“He has the ability to be successful in this league. Now it’s just for him to put it out on the field for a 16-game season. We’ll definitely see.”

What kind of reception do you think you will receive when you return to Philly to play the Eagles?

Do you think you were treated fairly in Philadelphia?
“Absolutely.” [McNabb then made a sarcastic smile]

It sounds like you really wanted to stay in Philly?
I’m a Redskin now.

But you wanted to finish your career there?
I would have loved to, but it didn’t happen.

Do you have a final message for Eagles fans?
It was a great ride. It was a ride in which every time that we stepped out on the field the fans felt confident that we could win those games. That’s the most important thing. That’s something we need to focus on.”

Do you feel as if a burden has been lifted from your shoulders?
I’m just happy that it’s over now. … There was never really any burden on my shoulders. I’ve been a part a lot of different things in my 11 years. I’ve been surrounded by a lot of great athletes. But it’s over. I’m here starting a new a chapter in the book of Donovan. And I look for great things to happen.

How much football do you think you have left?
A lot. A whole lot. 

McNabb then went back to talking expansively about bringing a Super Bowl to the Redskins, playing in a new offense and living in Washington.