McNabb taking the wait-and-see approach

"We have a lot of young faces and a lot of new faces," said Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb at training camp today. (Steven M. Falk / Staff Photographer)

Donovan McNabb likes the changes the Eagles made this offseason, but he wasn't about to parrot team president Joe Banner's declaration that the best roster in football is practicing here at Lehigh University this summer.

"We have a lot of young faces and a lot of new faces," McNabb said. "For me to sit here and say, 'We're a Super Bowl team and we're going to win the Super Bowl,' I don't believe in all that. That's something at the end of the year we'll find out. I think we have a great team and we have some great athletes here, but we've got to put the pieces of the puzzle together. If we can do that, hopefully we can write our own ticket to Miami and finish this thing off. You have to give guys a chance to develop into the offense and the schemes they've been drafted into."

McNabb was asked if Banner's comments put pressure on the players and coaching staff.

"What do you expect Joe to say?" McNabb said. "Does it put pressure on us? No. Does it put pressure on the coaches? No. Does it put pressure on Joe? Maybe. I've never complained about any of the players on the team. I think all of us feel that we have to be able to execute and execute together. No matter who we bring in here, we try to lead them to the water and hopefully they drink. It's hard to say right now what we have because we haven't competed and been through tough games and digging ourselves out of holes."

McNabb also commented on a number of other issues:

_On the offensive line: "You bring in Jason Peters, one of the best at his position. You bring in Stacy Andrews who  many have said is the best at tackle or guard. Then you get Shawn (Andrews) back and ready to roll, who I felt was the best guard in the game and move him to tackle. Jamaal (Jackson) is the catylyst of the whole thing (at center) and then you have Todd Herremans, who I thought should have made the Pro Bowl last year. But they have to jell and we have to jell with them."

_On how they could make Terrell Owens' VH1 reality show better: "By not having it."

_On rookie Jeremy Maclin's absence from the first day of rookie camp: "It's just part of the business. It's something you go through. I wasn't here my first year. I'm just glad we had the opportunity to work together in Arizona. So the days that he has missed, I guess I have had an opportunity to work with him and we can feed from that."

_On rookie LeSean McCoy: "I think he has a lot racing through his mind. There is a lot of pressure riding on his shoulders of being drafted as a running back when we have Westbrook here and now everyone is expecting him to so much. The same went for Tony Hunt. A lot of pressure when battling against one of the best running backs to ever wear a Philadelphia Eagles uniform."


Wide receiver Kevin Curtis was among the veterans on the field for the Eagles' first practice of training camp this morning and there were two noticeable things about him.

One was that he had shaved his trademark long hair from his head and the other was how well he moved on the field as he continues to recover from a second surgery to repair a lingering sports hernia injury.

"I shaved my head about a month ago," Curtis said following this morning practice in the searing summer heat. "It definitely feels better in this kind of weather."

Curtis said his surgically repaired groin is also feeling considerably better. He barely participated in the offseason camps, but was able to do everything on the first day of training camp. Curtis said he asked the Eagles to be able to take part in the three-day rookie camp because he wanted to test his progress.