McNabb: Vick will get 'standing ovation'

Michael Vick returns to Atlanta. Will the town burn?

Donovan McNabb doesn't think so.

"I believe he'll get a standing ovation," the Eagles quarterback said.

Vick said that he thinks the reaction at the Georgia Dome, the stadium he once called home for seven seasons, will be split evenly, "50-50."

McNabb and Eagles coach Andy Reid were more optimistic.

"For six years or so he was the face of their franchise and a guy that's led them to an NFC championship and multiple playoffs appearences," McNabb said. "The people in the community love him. Those are things that you don't forget."

McNabb then said something that could echo his relationship with Philadelphia fans.

"Sometimes they don't really miss you till you're gone," he said.

McNabb said he hadn't talked to Vick specifically about his return to Atlanta to play his former team.

"I don't want it to be his focus in this situation," McNabb said. "He's handled it well in terms in kind of doing whatever it takes to help us win. He's a Philadelphia Eagle now. He's not an Atlanta Falcon. In this situation he just wants to win. That's his mindset."

Atlanta is hosting the SEC championship game Saturday night between Florida and Alabama. Reid is preparing for a raucous town.

"There are going to be a lot of people in Atlanta," Reid said. "I don't think people dislike Michael in Atlanta. He sure gave them a lot of good years and a lot of exciting football. I think Michael's prepared mentally to go back there. Physically, he's in good shape. I don't think it'll be a problem. It won't be a distraction to our team. Our guys have rallied around Michael. They like him as a person and they know what kind of person he is." 

McNabb was asked he if thought the Eagles would involve Vick more into the game plan as a way of showcasing the quarterback.

"He may have 20-30 plays," McNabb joked.

A reporter deadpanned: "You OK with that?"


"Here we go again," McNabb said.