McNabb, TO back together on Spike TV tonight

Eagles fans who want to get a look at Donovan McNabb don’t have to wait until the Redskins visit in Week four, though they might have to sit through an hour of fairly dull television for a sneak peak.

Wednesday night McNabb and Terrell Owens appear together on the season premiere of Spike TV’s Pros vs. Joes. The former Eagles team with Charger Antonio Gates in a basketball competition against retired NBA players Hakeem Olajuwon, Rick Fox and Kenny Smith.

The show tries to play up the drama of the McNabb and Owens reunion, but mostly the six contestants just yuk it up and playfully trash talk as they play mildly competitive basketball. Jay Glazer, an NFL reporter for FOX Sports, and former Giant Michael Strahan host.

When McNabb and T.O. meet at the show’s introduction, they slap hands and hug.

“Nice to see you two together after all that drama in Philadelphia,” Glazer says.

“Man, get on with the show,” McNabb responds, throwing an arm around Owens and laughing.

The NFL trio and former NBA players go through a series of basketball skill competitions: one-one-one, a last second drill, and more, before playing a three-on-three game.

During one of the preliminary contests, Owens scores and McNabb applauds.

On cue, Strahan says, “Something we didn’t think we’d see: T.O. being cheered on by McNabb.”

Two second scouting report: T.O. is the best scorer among the NFL players, McNabb plays physical on D and Gates has a nice jumper. Olajuwon (as should be expected) is better than all of them.

If you’re really aching to see football players in any kind of competition, the show airs Wednesday night at 10 p.m. on Spike TV.

Michael Vick is scheduled to be on next week’s show, playing football against a group of regular guys. The show was taped before the recent controversy over Vick’s birthday party, according to a Spike TV spokesman.