McNabb and Vick: perfect together

Some people can't wrap their heads around the fact that Donovan McNabb lobbied the Eagles to sign Michael Vick, but that's the quarterback's story and he's sticking to it.

McNabb described in detail his involvement in the acquisition that has the divided the city with a post on his blog last night. He explained a little further today why he wanted coach Andy Reid to bring in a former Pro Bowler that could prove to be a threat to his starting role with the Eagles. McNabb simply stated that that threat has always existed during his tenure -- with A.J. Feeley, Jeff Garcia and with Kevin Kolb.

"That's not the reason why this is going about," McNabb said.

The reason? "I believe in second chances and God forgives our sins," he said.

McNabb, a self-professed dog lover and owner, was asked about his initial reaction to the news of Vicks' crimes. He said he wasn't from Virginia so he wanted to first understand the culture of a Newport News raised man before he passed judgement.

"I didn't know much about dogfighting," McNabb said. "Before I wasn't going to make any assumptions, or make any conclusions. I wanted to learn about dogfighting. ... Some people grew up in that. Some people can't pull themselves away from that. Some people can." 

McNabb called Vick's acts "malicious."

Asked what he thought about some of the more gruesome acts, like electrocution or rape stands. "You hear a lot of different things," McNabb said. "You don't know exactly what happened. Sometimes when you get the questioning -- some people say some people did something else, some people say I did it. I don't know what was happening. I think that's cruel and something that should not happen."

Still, McNabb lobbied for Vick. Asked a hypothetical question of whether he would lobby for a guy like Plaxico Burress, McNabb joked, "I did. ... I brought T.O. here."

An Eagles spokesman had to clarify to reporters that McNabb did not, in fact, approach Reid about bringing in the trouble former Giants receiver. He was referring strictly to Terrell Owens. We know how that turned out.

"I have a relationship with Plaxico, as well," McNabb said. "When you've been in this league for a while, you build relationships. And you want to see guys get an opportunity to continue on."