McGlynn says he doesn't want to see Landry fined

Mike McGlynn accused Redskins safety LaRon Landry of spitting on him twice during Monday night's game. (Clem Murray/Staff Photographer)

Eagles center Mike McGlynn said he doesn't want to see Redskins safety LaRon Landry fined for spitting on him during Monday night's game. But McGlynn stood by his story -- which Landry has denied -- that the safety twice spit on him.

"We had five or six guys around the second time he did it. Five or six guys saw it, the two receivers, they’re walking back to the huddle saw him blatantly do it repeatedly. So for him to say he didn’t do it, come on," McGlynn said.

But he did not want to see Landry have to write a check for the incident.

"It’s in the spirit of the battle and all that, and they’re getting beat so bad, sometimes you lose your cool, it happens. I’m a strong believer that the amount that guys are getting fined, $10,000, 50, 20, it’s just so ridiculous that I don’t want anybody to get fined, because we know how hard we work for our money and for them, the league, to take it away so effortlessly is a pretty tough thing for us players," McGlynn said.

He added, "It's the principle, just like you said ... out of respect for the game and stuff, but I understand, there’s a lot of frustration and you’re getting beat bad, just have respect for the guys. We’re out here to promote the game and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. I’d rather not get disrespected like that, and just leave it at that."

Besides, the Eagles will see Landry again before too long.

"We’re going to play them again twice next year, we’re going to see them again," McGlynn said.