McCoy: no beef with Smith, but Osi ...

LeSean McCoy isn't ready to let his feud with the Giants die. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

BETHLEHEM, PA -- LeSean McCoy tried to tamp down concern about any feud with new teammate Steve Smith today, but made it clear he's not ready to end his war of words with the Giants' Osi Umenyiora.

"He’s a teammate of mine, there’s no hard feelings, whatever happened is in the past," McCoy said of Smith, but added, "Now if it’s Osi it’s a different story."

When Smith signed with the Eagles and arrived in camp, the initial interaction between him and McCoy was chilly, according to both players. Today, McCoy tried to put that behind him.

"He's a new member of our team, we embraced him, happy to have him, he could help us out," McCoy said. He said he hadn't interacted much with Smith, though, because the receiver has been rehabilitating from knee surgery and not participating in practice. "I don’t really know him too well, I haven’t really seen him too much."

McCoy and Umenyiora feuded on Twitter over the summer after McCoy wrote that the Giant is "soft" and "overrated." Smith came to Umenyiora's defense, tweeting about "youngins running their mouth" and including a picture of an empty Eagles trophy case.

McCoy also talked about the lofty expectations for this season as the Eagles broke training camp.

"The sky’s the limit, as long as we don’t get too arrogant, too cocky. Be humble, take each game at a time, we should be fine. The talent and the coaching is definitely there," he said.