McCoy: I never want DeSean's uncertainty

LeSean McCoy said, "I don't want to go anywhere else or play anywhere else," (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

As part of our Eagles preview section, Jeff McLane interviewed LeSean McCoy about the upcoming season, and his future in Philadelphia. McCoy, who is close with DeSean Jackson and will be in the final year of his own deal in 2012, was asked about Jackson’s contract uncertainty:

"Let me be honest with you. I never want to be in that situation," McCoy said. "Everybody's situation is different. [An extension] would be a blessing if that happened because I don't want to go anywhere else or play anywhere else. I love it here. I'm a Pennsylvania guy - from high school to college to here."

The quote is one nugget in a story about McCoy’s importance to the Eagles, and it’s just one part of the Inquirer season preview that is out today in print and here online.

With so many stories posted at once today, we wanted to highlight (and promote) a few items from the big season opening package.

The lead story from the Inquirer details how this season is “All on Andy.” After 12 years at the helm and a series of big moves in the offseason, the pressure is on Andy Reid to win big, perhaps more than ever before. Here's why. The piece includes insight from Eagles players on how Reid has handled the hype coming into the season and Joe Banner’s take on Reid’s talents – and lack of a Super Bowl title.

"It weighs on him tremendously. I don't think it; I know it," Banner said. We also asked him whether Reid needs to win a championship to get a contract extension. The answer was brief, but perhaps telling.


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-- Columnists Bob Ford and Phil Sheridan weighed in. Sheridan outlined the stakes for Reid this year while Ford looked for parallels between the Favre-Holmgren relationship in Green Bay and the Vick-Reid duo in Philadelphia.