LeSean McCoy still out with concussion, Bryce Brown eyes first start

LeSean McCoy will not practice because of a concussion, and he remains at the first phase of a five-stage process. McCoy still has a headache and symptoms of the concussion.

Bryce Brown is taking first-team snaps and is in line to make his first start.

"It looks like he's more comfortable in the offense every week," coach Andy Reid said. "He's doing a nice job in pass protection. That wasn't his thing when he first came here. So he's doing a nice job there. And he's a patient runner. When he goes, he goes. He's a big body, physical player."

Brown, 21, is 6-feet and 223 pounds. He was a seventh-round pick after barely playing college football despite his status as a top recruit. Brown has not started a game since high school at Wichita East High School in 2009. 

Last Thanksgiving, Brown was with friends in Knoxville, Tenn., out of football. He couldn't have predicted the scenario that might take place on Monday.

"Not a starter," Brown said. "I definitely knew I had the talent and ability to play."

But Brown has impressed the Eagles. He has 141 yards on 32 carries, including four carries for 49 yards against the Saints. But starting will include a different workload and new responsibilities. 

"I haven't had more than five carries in a game yet," McCoy said. "Rhythm comes once you get the ball a lot more, you're in the game plan more."