LeSean: 'I don't want to take less money'

PHOENIX -- LeSean McCoy reiterated comments he made after the season that he would be willing to restructure his contract if the Eagles approached him. But the running back took a hard line if coach Chip Kelly, who has final say on all football matters, were to ask him to take a pay cut.

"I know how hard it is to keep a team together and I want to be part of this team. But I don't want to take less money," McCoy said. "I want to figure a way to make it happen [where] we're all together."

McCoy was at the Super Bowl bouncing around Radio Row doing interviews to promote Madden football and tonight's Madden Bowl. (McCoy won the event last year in New York). But he answered questions about his future and the lingering question of whether the Eagles would be able to re-sign wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to a long-term contract and keep McCoy.

"We're going to work it work it out and see what happens," McCoy said. "I got to pay my boy Mac."


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McCoy is slated to earn $9.75 million next season, but he will count nearly $12 million against the salary cap -- the highest of any Eagles player. Only $1 million of his salary is guaranteed, which has some speculating that the Eagles could deal McCoy.

Kelly said after the season that he wanted McCoy back, but his role has changed some since those comments. He now wields all the power.

"Andy [Reid] had the same type of [power], so I'm used to that," McCoy said. "I think it's better because if you want deals done you can come talk to him directly. 'Hey coach.' Because some stuff may bother you. 'Coach, this is bothering me.' So it works out. So we'll see."

McCoy rushed for over 1,300 yards and was voted to his third Pro Bowl after last season. His yards per carry average (4.2) dropped from 2013 (5.0) when he ran for over 1,600 yards. He said he remains motivated.

"I'm a productive player. I'm going to keep being productive," McCoy said. "Keep doing the right things. Play hard. I'll be fine."