Kolb hears from McNabb on Day 1

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- On the day before his first training camp as the Eagles' starting quarterback Kevin Kolb received a large number of phone calls and messages with best wishes.

But one text message stood out. Kolb heard from the man he's replacing -- Donovan McNabb.

"He told me to take one practice at a time and be patient," Kolb said Tuesday following the first practice of training camp. "And I said, 'Yeah, I hear you. It's a long season.' That's what I was saying before. You kind of get caught up in the whole realm of the whole season and whatever expectations. Just take it one practice at a time at this time of year and that will help you get a lot better."

McNabb was at a Washington area Borders today signing autographed copies of the book he helped write, "NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters: Inspiring Personal Accounts of Fatherhood. He was asked about his text to Kolb.

"I try to inspire young players, to just continue to keep their head up, write goals for yourself that are attainable and for them to just have confidence in themselves," McNabb said, according to the Washington Post. "For me, it could've been easier for me to walk out the door and not said anything to anyone. But that's not the type of person I am. I'm a guy who cares. I've text-messaged Kevin and...several of my former offensive linemen and the list goes. The thing about 11 years is [it's] something you can't just forget."

The two former teammates also playfully teased one another. McNabb was recently on the SpikeTV reality show, "Pros vs. Joes," in which athletes from other sports face former greats of basketball in a game of three-on-three. McNabb was teamed up with former receiver/headache Terrell Owens.

"I thought he looked real good," Kolb said of McNabb, who also played college basketball at Syracuse. "But I told him, 'I'm still better than you.'"

As for who is better in football, that remains to be seen. McNabb, who was traded to Washington in April to make way for Kolb, reports to Redskins camp on Thursday.

The text message "meant a lot because they're not even in camp yet," Kolb said. "He knew that we were coming to camp and he's paying attention. I appreciated him reaching out and offering good luck. Donovan's like that."

Did Kolb wish McNabb -- his NFC East rival -- the best of luck upon his first training camp with a team other than the Eagles?

"I didn't say anything about that yet," Kolb said, "but I'm going to get to that."

Kolb, by the way, was very sharp during the morning practice. Of course, the players are in shorts and the majority of the veterans have yet to report. But with rookies and players just hoping to make the team as his receivers, only a few of Kolb's passes fell to the ground.

Michael Vick, on the other hand, was inaccurate during 7-on-7 drills inside the red zone.