Kolb contract extension?

The Eagles denied a report from earlier today that the team had made an offer to extend the contract of backup quarterback Kevin Kolb.

A team source said the report is "completely 100 percent false." A league source also labeled the report as "erroneous."

Jeff Nalley, Kob's agent, had no comment when reached tonight.

Gary Gobb of gcobb.com cited a source in the report, which also claimed that someone from the Eagles front office had told Kolb over a year ago that he would take over for starter Donovan McNabb in approximately a year's time.

Kolb, like McNabb and third quarterback Michael Vick, is heading into the final year of his current contract. Speculation over the Eagles' quarterback situation has already reached an elevated state, although there isn't likely to be any movement until free agency opens on March 5. There could be some clarity by March 9, however, when the team must decide if its to extend Vick with a $1.5 million bonus or release him.

It is worth noting that Eagles coach Andy Reid has gone on the record as saying that McNabb is his starting quarterback for next season. Joe Banner has reiterated that Reid has the final say on personnel decisions, but the team president has seemingly left the door open, saying earlier this week on the team's Web site that "there are different levels of complexity about the decision.We'll have to sit down and figure that out."

Meanwhile, there have been numerous let's-toss-anything-against-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks reports from various outlets on the future of McNabb-Kolb-Vick. Nothing has stuck because there haven't been any final decisions made.

We're not normally accustomed to responding to conjecture, but this one seemed worth confirming/refuting/clarifying. We'll try and have something more substantive once it occurs regarding the Eagles' quarterback situation -- or that of any Eagles player, for that matter -- in the coming weeks.