Kolb negates extension report

Kevin Kolb went on 610-WIP today and confirmed that he and the Eagles did not discuss a contract extension as was reported last week.

"We haven't even talked to them as far as I know," Kolb told WIP host Howard Eskin. "That totally blew me away when that was reported because that was obviously false.

"I don't even talk to my agent [Jeff Nalley] that much about it because ultimately it doesn't have anything to do with what we say. So we're kind of just sitting back right now and letting things iron out. We know there's still some time here and I'm sure there'll be a phone call some time in the near future or a meeting. But as of right now we're just going to let it iron out and have faith that the right decision's going to be made."

On Friday, a team source told The Inquirer that the report, authored by Gary Cobb, was "completely 100 percent false." A league source later verified this response from the Eagles. Cobb wrote on his Web site, gcobb.com, that he stood by his report.

Audio of Kolb's interview was posted on the WIP Web site. Selections from the interview were also posted on the team's site.

Kolb, backup to Donovan McNabb, is entering the last year of his contract. So, too, are McNabb and Michael Vick. The Eagles' quarterback situation remains one of the most discussed topics this NFL off-season. Coach Andy Reid said after the season that McNabb was his starting quarterback for next year. Of course, that hasn't stopped numerous trade rumors involving all three quarterbacks.

Kolb hasn't hid the fact that he wants to start.

"I wish that I could have played last year," Kolb said. "With that being said I'm going to wish it even more this year so it's tough but I know it's an even harder situation for the Eagles. My gosh, there's three of us back there that can play so I'm going to keep their feelings in mind and try to remain positive no matter what happens."

Kolb, about to enter his fourth season, said that he wants to remain with the Eagles.

"I feel like I fit in this system so well," he said. "And not just the system, but the coaching staff and the players and the personnel all the way around, even on the other side of the building with the business side and all that. I just feel like our personalities really fit well together and I look forward to taking over this thing one day and working with those guys. So I would never wish myself to be anywhere else."

Kolb also spoke about his "rapport" with the young offensive skill players.

"I think there's a great rapport with myself and the rest of the team and especially the young guys," Kolb said. "The rookie camps that lead up to the main camp, I've always done those. ... So I have those guys in right away and that's helping with the learning process for them. And when you do that with somebody I think they have a respect for you and they look at you for some wisdom. I've heard that there's a lot of quarterbacks around the league -- even guys that have been in the league 10-12 years -- they still go to those camps so they can continue to build that rapport."

McNabb attended every minicamp last spring except for rookie camp. The only veterans that show up for those practices are usually the ones in danger of not making the team.