Kolb: 'We need to do better'

CINCINNATI -- Preseason game No. 2 for Kevin Kolb was a lot like the first. The Eagles quarterback was able to move the offense up and down the field and look poised in doing so, but when it came to the red zone it was more of the same ineptitude.

All the blame, of course, can't be pinned on Kolb. A touchdown pass to Jason Avant was called back because offensive linemen Max Jean-Gilles and Jason Peters weren't lined up properly. But when the Eagles faced third and goal from the Cincinnati 12 on the next play, Kolb inexplicably threw short of the goal line to Avant seven yards shy of the goal line.

"In that situation a sack probably wouldn't have hurt us too bad," said Kolb, who completed 11 of 17 passes for 126 yards without a touchdown pass or interception. "I probably should have pushed the play a little bit more. I was getting toward the end of the read. Looking back, I probably could have got up and tried to make a play and do something a little out of the ordinary."

Here's the rest of a short interview with Kolb following the Eagles' 22-9 loss to the Bengals:

What was it like out there for you? You guys never seemed to get it going.
"It's the same story. We need to do better in the red zone. When we get down there, we need to be able to execute."

How much did the Bengals pressure disrupt the passing game?
"They got a little bit of pressure underneath. As a quarterback, you need to be able to forget about it, move on and keep the rhythm of your feet. I adjusteda little bit. I need to push up in the pocket and keep my balance."

How frustrating was it to have the red zone touchdown negated after the illegal formation penalty?
"It happened to us last week. We can't have that. It's the same story. We have to get it taken care of. It's going to hinder us down the line if we don't get it taken care of. It's on us -- not them."

How much are you showing your red zone offense?
"Not very much. Really, not very much. We didn't have a whole lot of time to go over things this week. We can make the plays. We have to execute."

On your first drop back, they hit you. Did it hurt?
Yeah, they got me a little bit, but that was my first hit of the year. It felt good to get knocked around a little bit."

How hard is it to be successful when your running game isn't effective?
"We have to get our running game going. After a while, the defensive line starts to get gassed and the passing game starts to open up a little bit."

You haven't had any turnovers in the first two games?
"Yeah, that's a focus of mine. At the same time, I want to be aggresive in the red zone."