Kelley Washington shines, other notes from Monday morning practice

Kelley Washington has received a lot of attention for his special teams abilities, but he also put on a receiving show this morning in passing drills, getting open, making leaping grabs, and showing strong hands even when defenders were all over him.

He made a pretty one-handed catch in front of Quintin Mikell, though might have paid a price if contact was allowed. "That's a kill shot, baby!" Mikell yelled.

A fan added, "yo, Q, in a real game you would'a smacked him!"

Washington later made a nice catch with Dimitri Patterson playing tough defense, hauled in a bomb from Mike Kafka and made a leaping grab over Geoff Pope.

The hit of the day came from the offense, when fullback Leonard Weaver ran through Macho Harris. Harris helped bring Weaver down, but absorbed punishment to do it. Weaver said the contact "feels great."

"I guess we'll set a statement for all the corners in the league, just be careful," Weaver said.

Winston Justice had two consecutive false starts, both on hard counts by Kevin Kolb.

Trevor Laws broke through the offensive line to force a fumble by J.J. Arrington. On the next play an open Arrington dropped an easy pass.

Ernie Sims was again sent to the sideline after delivering a hit during a "thud" - or non-tackling - drill. He shoved LeSean McCoy to the ground after a catch.

The Eagles went with small but speedy defensive fronts in the nickel formation: Brandon Graham, Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, Darryl Tapp and Trent Cole were the first team unit; Moise Fokou, the linebacker who may be facing a demotion, started as an end with the second nickel unit, along with Antonio Dixon, Laws and Ricky Sapp.

We'll have more later today and in Tuesday's Inquirer.