Kampman to Jags

Whether the Eagles were interested in Aaron Kampman or not, it does not matter now.

The free agent defensive end signed a multi-year deal with the Jaguars early this morning, according to the Florida Times-Union.

Details of the contract were not immediately available.

Arguably the top three free agent ends are now off the board -- Julius Peppers (Bears), Kyle Vanden Bosch (Lions) and now Kampman (Bears).


Are the Eagles interested in Aaron Kampman or not?

The curious case of whether the Eagles are pursuing the free agent defensive end took another turn today.

On the first day of NFL free agency yesterday, there was a FOXSports report that Kampman was heading to Philadelphia to meet with the Eagles. But less than an hour later there was another report saying the former Green Bay end was not traveling to Philly.

Indeed, the team said it had no visits scheduled for that day and it didn’t have any free agents at the NovaCare Complex today. The only free agent the Eagles have signed since the new league year opened has been one of their own. They inked fullback Leonard Weaver, a restricted free agent, to a three-year deal yesterday.

But then there was a report this afternoon from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the Friday visit was indeed set to happen, but that Kampman’s agent, Neil Cornrich called it off. An Eagles source, however, refuted that report tonight.

A message left with Cornrich was not returned.

So which is it? Are the Eagles not players, uninterested because the 30-year-old Kampman is coming off a subpar season and a major knee injury? Or are they hoping to let the market settle for a former Pro Bowl end that was playing out of position last season as an outside linebacker in 3-4 defensive scheme?

Whichever it is, Cornrich is obviously hoping to gas up the asking price for his client. Cornrich has been the subject of a few rumors – one of which was that he was heading to Seattle yesterday – but the only facts as of last night were that Kampman visited Jacksonville today and that he wasn’t slated to meet with the Eagles – yet.

Interest in Kampman, considered the second-best free agent end after Julius Peppers, has likely been lukewarm because of the anterior cruiciate ligament tear he suffered in Week 11. Teams are probably reluctant to make large offers before they get him to their headquarters for a physical.

The Eagles made an offer for Peppers, but they were out-bid by Chicago. Kampman was seen as the next best thing, but the team might not see it that way.

Stay tuned.