Jeffrey Lurie might push for Philadelphia Super Bowl

The Philadelphia region should pay attention to how the Super Bowl goes next season in East Rutherford, N.J., because it could determine whether Philadelphia could host a game.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said Monday he will push for a Philadelphia Super Bowl, depending on how the Super Bowl goes in New Jersey.

“Yes, I will, if it’s a success," Lurie said. "New York will help us.”

Lurie said the weather should not be an issue. He remembered attending games with snow when growing up in Boston and enjoyed the experience. Lurie said he has "no fear" of snow during next February's event.

"As long as there’s no public safety issue that day, I think it would be great if it’s snowing a bit," Lurie said.


During the Eagles head coaching interviews, one question that came up was their plans for training camp because Lurie defers to the coach on that issue.

"It was unanimous with every coach we interviewed, I think, that they wanted training camp to be, if you have a great facility, seamless with where the players are going to be training year round," Lurie said.

That helps explain why the Eagles made the switch from Lehigh University to the Philadelphia to the team's training complex in Philadelphia, with select dates at Lincoln Financial Field. Lurie emphasized that fan engagement will remain a part of camp, just at the stadium instead of on a campus.

“We had a wonderful experience in Lehigh. They were fantastic. I love the fan engagement there. I think with NovaCare being one of the top facilities, teams are really trending toward – we’re one of the last holdouts – teams are really trending toward moving all to their home faciltiies, Lurie said. "To bring it into the facility, which we haven’t done in awhile, will be exciting."