Howard Moving?

Some more experimentation is coming this Friday night in New England when the Eagles meet the Patriots.


Defensive coordinator Jim Johnson admits  because of all the injuries along the defensive line, he wants to see how people handle different positions. Hence, defensive end Darren Howard, who is more comfortable backing up the right side, is going to get snaps on the left side for this game.


Howard played left defensive end his first two years in the NFL, then switched to the right side.


“That’s my natural side I prefer,” he said.


Said Johnson, “We’re gonna let Howard play a little left and right and try to get him on the field as much as possible,” Johnsons said.


Howard compared this to switch-hitting in baseball.


“You are thinking why you’re moving and before you put your hand on the ground,” Howard said. “You get into your stance and you’re trying to remember which hand you put down.”


Johnson is also going to take a longer look at Quintin Demps on the kickoff and punt return teams. He had a good outing against Carolina.