Eagles: 'Dream Team' label dead, urgency to win

Eagles QB Michael Vick says the "Dream Team" label is dead. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

The most common word uttered by Eagles players today was "urgency."

"There's just a sense of urgency now. Guys really see the position that we're in. I think they understand what it's going to take to get back and how some things have to change," said quarterback Michael Vick. "I think the "Dream Team" -- that word is dead now. You can't talk "Dream Team" anymore. Maybe it put pressure on some players, maybe it didn't. But I think just the fact that it was around and people were talking about it creates a sense of pressure."

The 1-3 Eagles are in a precarious position, and veterans know it.

"There definitely is a sense of urgency among not just the offense, the defense, everybody around here that we need to win now and there’s not really another option," said tackle Todd Herremans. "So we just need to spend the week preparing for the game against the Bills and we can’t really look forward any further than that."

Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins, outspoken after Sunday's loss, was asked how the team prevents a series of ugly losses from spiraling into self-doubt and more losses.

"By winning. As simple as that," Jenkins said. "You go out there and you win and all of a sudden you've got a different type of momentum, a different type of confidence, you know winning cures everything."

As for the defense, he said, "we’re not panicking, but there’s a sence of urgency. We just need to tweak the little things."

Defensive players said they did not expect major scheme changes.

"Our only tweak is going 200 miles an hour instead of 120. There’s nothing that you're going to change on defense in one week that’s just going to cure people running the ball on you. It’s all the mentality," said linebacker Brian Rolle.

Andy Reid said he was encouraged by the fact that his players were in the building Tuesday, even though it was their off day.

"You've got to take care of the now, and you've got to learn from the past, so that's the approach you take. We are 1-3, that's reality. So now we get ourselves ready to play the Buffalo Bills," Reid said. "I was encouraged by the number of guys who were in here the last couple of days. They didn't have to be here, and they were here. I'm very fortunate as a head coach to have guys that want to change and coaches that want to change."