Hanson tested positive for diuretic

The NFL has suspended Eagles cornerback Joselio Hanson for four games. (File photo)

According to a statement from his attorney, Eagles cornerback Joselio Hanson was suspensded for four games by the NFL for testing positive for a diuretic.

The statement by attorney David Cornwell said Hanson felt "bloated" after eating Chinese food before last year's NFC championship game against the Arizona Cardinals and he took a pill "that turned out to be a diuretic."

"The urine specimen that Joselio provided after the game tested positive for a diuretic," Cornwell said. "Joselio did not use steroids or any other substance that would enhance his performance."

The Eagles still have not even acknowledged Hanson's suspension.

According to the web site mayoclinic.com, diuretics are typically used for weight loss and eating disorders as well as treating hypertension and glaucoma. The site also said that the drugs can be used as masking agents for steroid use.

Highly publicized cases involving former Saints running back Deuce McAllister and current defensive ends Will Smith and Charles Grant and current Minnesota Vikings defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams also involved diuretics. All five men appealed their case, which involved the use of the diet drug StarCaps.

Cornwell said Hanson appealed his suspension and the process was delayed "pending a negotiated resolution of the StarCaps matter."

Here is the remainder of the statement:

"Throughout the Spring and Summer, the discussions among the parties included changing discipline that would be imposed for a first positive test for diuretics," Cornewell said in his statement. "This consideration was guided by the near-universal recognition that diuretics are rarely used to mask steroid use. It is noteworthy that the World Anti-Doping Agency recently implemented amendments that eviscerate the misplaced presumption about diuretics embedded in the NFL’s steroid policy and reduce discipline for diuretics to include warnings and, where appropriate, suspension.

"Subsequent to the recent judicial and administrative rulings in the StarCaps matter, Joselio’s appeal was scheduled for October 27, 2009. The hearing confirmed that the NFLPA and NFL Management Council have exchanged proposals regarding diuretics, with each party proposing substantial reductions in the discipline to be imposed for the first positive test for diuretics. Under the current competing proposals, no player would be suspended for four (4) games for the first positive test for diuretics.

"Recognizing that treatment of diuretics under the NFL steroid policy likely will be changed, we urged the NFL’s hearing officer to withhold a decision in Joselio’s case pending an agreement between the NFLPA and the NFLMC regarding diuretics. We also argued that the accommodation allowing the "StarCaps players" to continue playing supported allowing Joselio to continue playing as well. Our appeal to fairness was rejected and Joselio was notified yesterday that he is suspended for four (4) games, effective immediately.

"We are disappointed. Joselio accepts his responsibilities as an NFL player. Nonetheless, we suspect that he is a casualty of the looming labor war in the NFL. Here’s hoping that he is the last."