T.O. on Eagles -- sorta

You gotta love modern technology.

I get a text from my brother this evening telling me that he's sitting at a table having dinner with Terrell Owens. My brother doesn't know a lick about professional sports, so you can imagine my surprise when I'm told this. In fact, I'm surprised he even recognizes T.O.

However, my brother has a job where he occassionally gets to canoodle with celebrities, so I'm not completely shocked. I text back and tell him to let T.O. know that his brother is the Eagles beat writer for The Inquirer. My brother then sends me the picture you see here. That's Owens with one of his handlers, Kita Williams, my brother tells me.

I text my brother again and tell him to ask T.O. if he thinks Donovan McNabb will be back with the Eagles next season. My brother texts back that Owens said he had no idea. Owens, my brother tells me, is there to promote his reality T.V. show.

I call up my Twitter account and see that that T.O., who I follow, had just tweeted a couple of photos. Apparently, he's at the Cosmopolotian Fun Fearless Male Awards (why wasn't I invited?). I ask my brother if this is the case and he confirms that it is. They are in New York.

I text my brother again to ask T.O., a soon-to-be free agent, if he would come back to Philadelphia and play for the Eagles now that he and McNabb are friends. (Owens recently gave an interview in which he said that he and McNabb had let bygones be bygones). My brother text messages back that Owens laughed and said sure. (I'm sure Andy Reid will get Drew Rosenhaus on the line once he hears this information).

My brother asks Owens if he still has a home in Philly. Owens says yes, do you want to buy it? I tell my brother it's in Moorestown, N.J. and to tell T.O. that I was there when he did those infamous sit ups during the 2005 Eagles' training camp. My brother responds, "In the front yard?"


I then text my brother to tell T.O. that Ravens coach John Harbaugh said on Saturday at the scouting combine that he was interested in obtaining Owens and whether he would consider playing in Baltimore. T.O. said yes, he would. A few moments later, my brother texts me that Owens is receiving his award. He is one of the Cosmo's 10 fun fearless males of 2010. Gerard Butler and Chris O'Donnell are two others, my brother informs me.

In accepting his award Owens tells the audience that he's going commando, my brother texts me.

Now that's fun and fearless.