Five things to watch tonight

Michael Vick, who will start at quarterback, is one player to watch in tonight's preseason finale. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

We won't see the Eagles starters Thursday night against the Jets, but if you're tuning in anyway, here are five things to keep an eye on as the real games approach:

-- Mike Vick: The game will give the Eagles a last extended look at the man who would step in for Kevin Kolb if anything happens to the starter. Can he handle the offense better than he did against the Bengals?

-- Macho Harris: He started as a rookie. He’s on the roster bubble as an NFL sophomore. Harris is back at safety and, having missed the first two preseason games with injuries and played little in the third, has one last chance to make a positive impression.

-- The cornerbacks. Trevard Lindley and Joselio Hanson will likely get the starts with the first string defense sitting out. Lindley has impressed coaches with a few stand-out preseason plays. Can he do it consistently? Same question for Hanson, who has had some positive moments, but notably got beat deep twice.

-- Mike Kafka: You likely won’t see much more of the rookie quarterback for the rest of this year (and if you do, something has gone very wrong). But the Eagles like how quickly he has learned and he could go into next season as Kolb’s back up. He'll play the second half, which should be the last chance to see much of him before mini-camp 2011.

-- Jorrick Calvin: Acquired Monday, he arrived in time for Tuesday’s practice and Wednesday’s walk through. He basically has one night to make the team before Saturday’s deadline for cutting down the roster.