Early Birds: Eagles host Ravens; Miles Austin on special teams; John Moffitt's first game

1) The Ravens come to Philadelphia for three days of practices with the Eagles. Chip Kelly likes the idea of joint practices – he did it the past two seasons with the Patriots.

What most appeals to Kelly is the competition element of the practices, and it also exposes the team to different looks. Kelly said the Eagles’ defense will play against more two-back formations than they see in their typical practices.

However, the format might be different from the way the Eagles usually practice. The tempo could even be slower.

“We’ll probably go to a traditional huddle and go to what a normal NFL practice looks like, which will probably be a break for us,” safety Malcolm Jenkins said. “I think we’ll be more on their tempo.”

There is more risk for fighting when teams practice together. The Redskins and Texans had a fight in practice. The Cowboys and Rams did, too.

“We’re all professionals,” Jenkins said. “We like to talk trash, too. We like to compete. But I don’t think anyone here is going to back down from a challenge. But we know we’re out here to get work done and compete, and it’s all about football. We’re not here to see who’s more macho.”

Wide receiver Jordan Matthews did not expect fights. His explanation had to do with the way the Eagles are trained to play.

“We play too fast to try and fight, to be honest,” Matthews said.

2) If a player is not a starter, he is told there is three ways to make the Eagles: “Special teams, special teams, and special teams,” Kelly said.

That brings up the case of Miles Austin. He is not likely to be a starter, but he has not been a core special-teams players for a few seasons. In the Eagles’ preseason opener, Austin did not play special teams. But Kelly said the Eagles have a place for him.

“I think he has a role, as a wing on punt, and there are some things on punt return,” Kelly said. “It was just kind of how [special-teams coordinator Dave Fipp] was rolling those guys. There were a lot of different guys, and we wanted to get them some snaps.

“You look at some of the groups at the end, the guys covering kicks. Some of those down-the-line tight ends that we had were in there and all those receivers were in there, so we could get this things on film. But Miles could contribute from a special-teams standpoint.”

3) John Moffitt on Sunday played his first game in nearly two seasons – and it sounds as if it showed. The offensive lineman, who left the Broncos in November 2013, is competing to be the Eagles’ starting right guard. He played 61 snaps, giving the Eagles a good look at him. It wasn’t pretty at times, but Kelly remains intrigued.

 “There's a little rust or he hasn't played a live football game in two years,” Kelly said. “There were some real good things to build upon, though. There is certainly a skill set there to play offensive line. You can see it, but there's also some inconsistencies in terms of sticking on blocks and staying with the guys for a little bit. But I think that's more of a rust thing than an athletic ability thing.”